Coffee Shop Business

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Description of Business
Have the highest quality of coffee and follow strict guidelines to prepare it for you, so you will be a happy and returning customer. Each cup of coffee will be done however the customer pleases. We have a multitude of ingredients for individual taste. Each coffee will have the perfect temperature, nothing less, nothing more. If it doesn’t taste right we will make another, no questions asked. There is a pleasant atmosphere where there’s dim lighting, but it’s not dark enough where you can’t read your paper. Also there is ambient music playing in the coffee shop so you can relax before, or after work. So come on in for one of a kind tasting coffee. We guarantee it’s the best you had in awhile.

Mission Statement
To serve our community with the most natural, and highest quality coffee ever. We provide the highest standard of customer support that the other big chains don’t offer, to make your life a little more easier. If anything is wrong, we will take care of it free of charge, but we doubt anything will be wrong.

Competitive Analysis
Threat of Existing Competition:
What makes The Coffee Shop a different coffee house than others? Well to start off, we use ingredients that the other major companies don’t. From small, local South American farms. Other companies use big manufacturers. Also other companies have a hectic atmosphere which makes it uncomfortable for people to enjoy. The one edge major brands do have though is, that they always release something new every season. The Coffee Shop makes deals and every season release a new type of drink. That doesn’t stop people from coming in and enjoying our cup of coffee than the competition.

Threat of Future Competition:
This is where things become tricky. No one really ever knows if they’ll stay in business forever. We just have to hope for the best. We have to market the company enough where people will be loyal and enjoy our coffee over the other...
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