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--The marketing plan

21th May 2010
Marketing plan
Dot.L Coffee
Executive Summary
The purpose of this marketing plan is to outline the complete marketing strategy, tactics, and programs for Dot.L Coffee (hereafter, “Dot.L”). Dot.L is a specialist Coffee Company that focuses on specialty coffee of Latte, coffee based products and foods as well. Dot.L is a new coffee shop in the river side district. Dot.L will be known for over 6 flavors of latte, coffee and coffee based products. In addition, light snacks and sandwiches will be offered to accompany the cappuccino and coffee based products. The café establishment will play modern music for ambiance and provide free wireless internet access for patrons to attract professionals in the nearby business areas. The mission of Dot.L is in the vanity of the city, Dot.L can bring you the ease of a precious. Dot.L will be unlike other cafes in that it will introduce customers to the different flavors of coffee and foods in a leisure non pressure environment. Furthermore, in a competitive market like Starbuck, Dot.L hopes to set itself apart by reaching out to those diversity flavors of latte without the high prices.

The target market consists of two market segments:
• People who are deeply in love latte and people who hope have a relaxing time • Business people from the downtown business centers and professional buildings

Situation analysis is explored. This includes an overall marketing environment analysis for the company as well as more specific situation analysis such as competitor and customers action for the marketing analysis. An evaluation is conducted followed by an action plan outlining how to achieve the marketing objectives, which includes: promotion, price discounts, a bi-monthly newsletter, advertising in television and search for new channel partnerships.

Company overview and the Mission Statement
Dot.L will be a distinctive coffee shop which have own characteristics and culture that will serve the river side residential district. The coffee shop offers flavored latte and other coffee products, light snacks, foods and free wi-fi service for customer surfing on-line. The Dot.L primary place of operation will be located on the river side with nice view of Brisbane River. The business persons in the office building will add to the number of patrons and the circumstance their also can attract consumer to choose that place. There are plans to open additional locations after 3 years of operation. Dot.L will operate from Monday to Sunday. Monday thru Thursday, five employees will be working from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday will work the same; however, three employees closing will work until 12 a.m. The cost for each full time labors might be 16 dollars per hour and the cost for part-time labors might be 9 dollars. The name of this coffee shop is Dot.L which means L refers to latte. Therefore latte as company core coffee products and latte art can be discovered in Dot.L. [pic]

As stated in the company’s mission statement:
Dot.L aims to be the café have own style and culture in Australia. In the vanity of the city, Dot.L can bring you the ease of a precious.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Company overview and the Mission Statement3
Product Description6
Environmental Scan7
Economic environment7
Legal, political and regulatory environment8
Social and cultural environment8
Technological environment9
Market research10
Marketing objectives and Market tactics12
Marketing objectives12
Marketing Tactics15
Market forecasting16
Action plans17
Reference list:22
Appendix 124

This marketing plan examines the steps required to reposition Dot.L café in the Australian marketplace. Dot.L is a café brand will locate on...
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