Coffee: Descriptive Essay

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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The Magnificent World of Coffee
When you wake up in the morning and you do NOT feel like P. Diddy sometimes all you need is a big ole cup of coffee to jump-start your day. Coffee has gone by many different names, wakey juice, mud, plasma, go juice, jo, cuppa, the daily grind and brewtus. However, unlike the many names over the years, the feeling of the warm and welcoming liquids filling every inch of your body will always stand the test of time. Waking up can be the ultimate struggle. Just imagine a normal morning, lying in bed, dreading having to get up from the toasty little nest of pillows and blankets, eyes starting to close again… drifting in and out of sleep: and then, the sweet aroma of fresh coffee beans being ground up make their way around the house, leaving neither room nor corner untouched by its delicious essence. Coffee can drive even the sleepiest bear out of slumber purely by its intoxicating scent. But nothing can compare to that first sip. How the hot liquid tickles the tongue, and slides down the throat, making sure to send shock waves everywhere, finally exploding throughout the body. Squinting through barely opened eyes, the sight of the richly dark contents pouring from the pot to the mug sends shocks throughout your body. Raising the mug up, eyes tightly closed, the smell travels up the nose. The strong scent immediately opens the senses and gets the blood running. The first sip does not disappoint. As expected, the hot liquid tickles the tongue, slides down the throat, making sure to send shock waves everywhere, and finally explodes throughout the body. The world has come alive. Most coffee beans come from Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and South Asia. With only seventy countries in total harvesting coffee beans around the world, it has become the most traded good, agriculturally speaking. This just goes to show how necessary coffee is in daily life. In fact, coffee is the most-consumed beverage worldwide. Just in America alone...
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