Coffee and Starbucks Marketing Strategy

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Modern Business and Management

Business analysis of a public limited company:


1. Brief description of the company, its products and operations- p.3 2. Starbucks’ mission statement, its goals and an evaluation of its achievements in view of our knowledge- p.4 3. The company’s approach to social responsibility and its code of ethics- p.5 4. The degree of competition in the market it operates in, Starbucks’ marketing strategy, its target markets and competitors- p.6 5. Porter’s Five Forces analysis- p.7

6. Starbucks’ degree of involvement in the foreign markets- p.8 7. PESTEL analysis- P.9/10
8. Porter’s generic strategies : Starbucks’ products and operations position- p.11 9. SWOT analysis- p.12/13
10. Value Chain analysis- p.14
11. Product and market Matrix through the last few years- p.15/16 12. Starbucks’ organizational structure- p.17
13. Its Human Resource Management- p.18
14. Recent changes in the company- p.19
15. Leadership quality of its top executives- p.20
16. Control and evaluation of performance- p.21
17. Bibliography- p.22/23

1. Brief description of the company, its products and operations

The Starbucks’ company was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington at the Pike Place Market and was founded as a single coffee shop. The name of the company is inspired of the book Moby Dick and should remind the costumers at the old times of coffee trading over the seas, therefore also a Greek siren is the logo of the company. In 1981 the today CEO of the company Howard Schultz visited the first time a Starbucks store. One year later he joined the group. After a trip to Italy Schultz was inspired by the typical Italian cafes, which are kind of a gap between work and home, a 2nd home where you go after work to relax and communicate with other people, and this place Starbucks should represent. With this concept they brought the company to international success, today there are more than 17.000 Starbucks coffee shops all around the globe in 60 countries. They sell coffee, pastry, sandwiches, beverages and a lot of more stuff around coffee. In the United States of America they also sell ice cream and other products in supermarkets and grocery stores. Further Starbucks own the coffee shop company Seattle’s Best Coffee, which operates in 20 states of the U.S.A and has more than 500 stores. Another brand of the Starbucks Company is Torrefazione Italis, a coffee roaster company. Moreover, the own La Boulange a French bakery brand, the tea producer Tazo Tea and the beverage producer Evolution Fresh. In the whole company included its subsidiaries work more than 150.000 employees all around the globe. Howard SCHULTZ

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2. Starbucks’ mission statement, its goals and an evaluation of its achievements in view of our knowledge.

Its mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. (Starbucks) Concerning coffee they mean: coffee from high quality, produced fair trade. Partners: they call each other partners, what means that they are all equal in the company with the same passion for the job. Customers: Also if it is only for a few moments, Starbuck employees laugh with their customers, share moments with them and connect with them. Stores: The Starbucks stores are a hideaway for their customers, a place without worries, where you meet friends and you have fun. Neighborhood: Every Starbucks store should communicate with the environment around it. Shareholders: Every shareholder from Starbucks “endure and thrive” ( from the company. Their goal is to invest back in the country and to create more jobs; Schultz said that you cannot build a sustainable enterprise with the single goal of having profit.

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3. The company’s approach to social...
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