Coffee and Starbucks

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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1. Based on the case information and your personal experiences, list at least five things you know about Starbucks. This list offers you some idea about your cognitions concerning the coffee shop chain. (1) Brand Global: Starbucks understands the value of its global brand and has taken steps to maintain brand integrity. One of Starbucks’ best practices is to send their best baristas from established markets to new markets and train new employees. But Global brand does not mean “global products,” or “global platform”. Starbucks has highly localized menu of beverages that is particularly tailored to the consumers in different places. It even gives each store the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of its beverage portfolio that fits the customers at its particular location. (2) Position Smart: One of Starbucks’ key marketing strategies is to provide customers with an exceptional experience. The chic interior, comfortable lounge chairs, and upbeat music are not only differentiators that set Starbucks apart from the competition, but also have strong appeal to younger generations who fantasize about Western coffee culture as a symbol of modern lifestyle. Many go to Starbucks not just for a cup of Frappuccino, but also for the “Starbucks Experience” that makes them feel cool and trendy. (3) Think Differently: Starbucks creates the popular coffee culture in the world, which makes Starbucks become an indispensable part of our daily lives. What’s more, Starbucks sticks to their philosophy-----we are serving the people, not the coffee. It guides their employees to provide the best service. And they call employees partners, which improves employees’ passion on their jobs. (4) The Starbucks not just sell coffee, but the: experience. “Our goal is to create an uplifting experience every time you walk though our door” said the president. (5) The Starbucks often choose the shopping centre, the office building to open the store.

2. List at least...
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