Coffee and Cigarettes: Second-Hand Smoke and Smoke Free Law Summary and Questions

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  • Published : December 8, 2010
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Field, P. (1922, October 10). Coffee and Cigarettes: Second-Hand Smoke and Smoke-Free Laws. National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science. Retrieved October 10, 1927, from

Coffee and Cigarettes: Second-Hand Smoke and Smoke Free Law Summary and Questions
Joshua Davenport owned a coffee bar/bistro in the small town of Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania situated on the Delaware River. He wanted to bring the old world elegance to his rural community, a place where neighbors could meet and converse over espresso drinks prepared by an expert barista. The shops name is called “Espressivo” that attracted many young people, especially the college students at the nearby campus, and older clients who came before and/ or after work to either start their day or end it during the week. Keeping with the tradition of a European espresso bar, Joshua allowed smoking inside the bar and the patio that surrounded the open air layout of the corner location, because he wanted his customers to feel comfortable. Pennsylvanians are known for being vocal about their personal and political rights, but in September of 2008 the state passed the Pennsylvania Clean Indoor Air Act, which prohibited the smoking of tobacco products in most indoor public places. This included a provision that allowed businesses to offer outdoor smoking on all patios, decks, and outdoor seating areas. The public had become aware of the harmful effects of second-hand smoke by research of Big Tobacco, this pressure not only influenced indoor smoking bans in many states but fostered negative attitudes towards smoking in outdoor areas. After the Clean Indoor Air law was passed many family-styled restaurants with out door seating began extending the smoking ban to their outside dining areas. Joshua had observed that his younger customers enjoyed smoking with their drinks and orders, but he also noticed that his wealthier weekend/working clients had a negative...
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