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Coffee and Cancer

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Question 1. Does Coffee impact the risk of developing certain cancers? Choose at least two distinct sites such as urinary tract cancer, colon cancer or breast cancer and explain how coffee affects the risk of each.

I decided to write my research paper for this class on coffee and its correlation with certain kinds of cancer. I figured it would be a great way to find out the risks and benefits of the drink that I have been drinking since I started my collegiate career. Also, I can inform my parents and extended family these risks/benefits since they drink multiple cups of coffee everyday. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. It has been around since about the 15th century, and coffee beans are cultivated in many countries around the world. One of the largest reasons why coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world is because of its caffeine content. The caffeine in coffee creates more energy for the person consuming it, so people will drink a cup coffee in the morning to start their day and get energized, and/or drink coffee mid-day in order to re-energize their body. Or, if you’re a procrastinating college student like myself, you drink coffee late at night in order to keep your body awake and write papers or study for exams. Coffee is known to have certain health effects on the human body, and my research is going to cover any correlations between coffee, colon cancer, and bladder cancer.

Colon cancer is a cancer that is formed by the uncontrolled growth of cells in the colon or rectum. According to the American Cancer Society, colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in the United States. However, early diagnosis can often lead to a complete cure. Some symptoms of colon cancer include abdominal pain or tenderness, diarrhea, blood in the stool, or weight loss with no known reason. While it is pretty widely publicized and hypothesized on various websites that coffee reduces the risk of...

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