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COE: A Green Initiative
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Green Marketing (AB0501)
Dr. Khoo Hong Meng
28 September 2012

Table of Content

COE: A GREEN INITIATIVE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 3| | Certificate of Entitlement ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 3| | Current Situation-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 3| | Problem Analysis------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 4| | Other Government Initiatives-------------------------------------------------------------------------| 5| | Recommendations---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 5| | Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 6| | | |

| | |
LIST OF REFERENCES---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 7| APPENDICES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 11| A: Rising COE Prices--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 11| B: COE Prices in Singapore (Open Category 2012)------------------------------------------| 13| C: Asia Pacific Carbon Emission per Capita---------------------------------------------------| 14| D: Singapore Carbon Dioxide Emissions from 1990 to 2007-----------------------------| 15| E: Contributors of CO2 by sectors---------------------------------------------------------------| 16| F: Car Population in Singapore-------------------------------------------------------------------| 17| G: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs----------------------------------------------------------------| 18| | |

DECLARATION OF ACADEMIC INTEGRITY -----------------------------------------------------------| 19| | |
CRITICAL THINKING RUBICS------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 20|

COE: A Green Initiative
Certificate of Entitlement
In this modern century where we are cultured in a technological-advanced environment, not many people can resist the enticement to drive a car. Ever since 1990, if not for Singapore’s Vehicle Quota System (VQS) using the Certification of Entitlement (COE) which significantly increases the cost of purchasing a car, most people would have acquired one. By then, it would be excruciating to see the level of traffic congestion, and more severely, the resulting carbon footprint. In the article by Ang (2012) [Appendix A], it is observed that the price of COE is increasing rapidly. In August 2012, COE’s price has reached its peak, $95k, for the open category [Appendix B]. Pricing the COE at such a lavish rate, although discourages the purchase of cars, did not dampen one’s desire to possess them. The rich continues to purchase cars while the middle-class opts for a cheaper alternative – second-hand market (Yini, 2012). As a result, COE does not help to reduce the carbon footprint.

Current Situation
High Carbon Emission
Singapore currently ranks the top with 4.20 hectares carbon-emission per capital [Appendix C] across Asia Pacific in the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)’s living planet report (2012). This figure may be overrated as carbon-emission is measured against Singapore’s small population size. Even so, Singapore should be constantly aware of its total carbon-emission as it has almost doubled since 1990, 21.8Mt, to 2007, 39.9Mt [Appendix D]. These figures are destructive to Singapore as it strongly contradicts Singapore’s green image, thereby harming Singapore’s tourism industry. Moreover, it is detrimental to Singapore’s economic as it deprives Singapore of any credibility in international negotiations and building international relationships....
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