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productivity measurement

Productivity Measurement
Elizabeth Garcia
Grand Canyon University: Health Care Accounting and Bills
Paula Arceneaux
March 9th, 2012

The nursing department of every healthcare organization plays an important role for the success of a hospital, because they cover 50 percent or more of the hospital’s labor budget. Therefore, it is important that the manager of the nursing department pays attention to the productivity of the job of every nurse and make sure that their work is running efficiently. A way to analyze the productivity of the nursing department is by internal benchmarking within the same organization or competitive benchmarking with an external organization. The information that will be used to compare the services will be the nursing care hours provided per patient (HPPD). This data should be accurate and clear to help the productivity of the department. The benchmarking data obtained after the analysis can help the nursing department to continue with their excellent job or to improve their performance.

Most healthcare organizations use internal benchmarking, because they work within the same organization. It is a quick process because they have the ability to work with the same partners that share a similar system. Another reason of why the organization chooses this method is that there will not be issues of confidentiality and ethics between the comparison departments. This will help have an easy access to data of the other departments that will be used to perform the comparison and improve the productivity of the nurses. On the other hand, competitive benchmarking is more challenging, since this activity is being done directly with competitors in the same industry, this can hinder collaboration and not receive the necessary information to continue with the process of benchmarking. Although its difficulties, competitive benchmarking has its benefits that will allow the partners of both facilities to share...
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