Code Talkers

Topics: Code talker, Choctaw, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Although throughout history the goverment took advantage of the Native Americans, suprisingly they answered the call of duty to fight for their country in the 1940's. The code talkers are a main part of the victory in World War II. They used a secret code no one could break. The code talkers were made of classified tribes that no one knew about until they were declassified years after the war was over. The Native American code talkers were important because no one could break their code. The tribes included were the Navajo, the Comanche, and the Choctaw. When a Navajo code talker received a message, what he heard was a string of unrelated Navajo words (Naval History). In 1942, there were about forty thousand Navajo tribe members (Naval History). As of 1945, they were about five hundred and forty Navajos who served as Marines (Naval History). The Navajo code talkers took part in every assault the Marines conducted in the Pacific (Naval History). There were three hundred code talkers in total, it is believed that only thirteen died in World War II (Brownielocks). It is hard to verified that because their existence was classified (Brownielocks). In going into battle a key factor was communications it was use to help you our destroy you. The Comanche code talkers were an elite group of young men who were fluent in the Comanche language. They used the knowledge they were given, along with the training they were given by the Army to send critical messages that confused the enemy during World War II. Seventeen Comanche code talkers were trained but only fourteen were deployed to the European threats (Comanche Language). Among the allied troops that came ashore in Normandy on June 6,1944 were thirteen Comanche code talkers (The University). Those Comanche code talkers were in the fourth Infantry Division. Under German fire Comanche code talkers laid communication lines and began sending messages in a form never before heard by the German forces. Choctaw Indians were...
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