Code of Ethics Paper on Local Furniture Store

Topics: Sales, Pleading, Better Business Bureau Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Subject line: Ashley Furniture Home Store - Buyer Beware

Ashley’s Furniture Store located in the Ledge wood, NJ area, it is my opinion, and this store is in need of training their employees the importance of the AMA Code of Ethics. In dealing with the public and serving as an employee of a reputable furniture store you would think all of the employees would have the same type of training, and/or have the same goal in mind, serve the public in a fair and honest way. (pg 84) (Anderson & Dubinsky, 2007)

After reading and becoming aware of the AMA code of Ethics, I say “Buyer Beware” of this furniture store. As a past customer of this store, I had an unpleasant experience, and was basically told the damage that was accruing to my furniture that was no more then 9 months old “must not be accurate – and could not happen in such a short period of time”, and continued to dismiss my complaint, and walk away.

Let me explain the type of damage that was accruing on my loveseat and sofa. The love seat and sofa has the imitation soft suede material feel to it. There were “fuzzies” as I referred to them, appearing on the arm rests and on the seats of my brand new loveseat and sofa. The sales people at Ashley referred to them as “pits” I believe, and I was told it was friction coming from my jeans, and normal wear and tear. I indicated, wear and tear, the furniture was less then 9 months old. How could this happen, and what can I do to stop it, repair it or replace it? So, I proceeded to show them the exact floor model of the same furniture that I had purchased, and the same type of “pitting” was occurring also. I was told the floor model gets a lot of traffic and those things happen. Once again, I indicated it was happening to my furniture that didn’t get a lot of so called “traffic” and wear and tear.

I am not one for being taken advantage of and this type of response got me more upset every time I visited that store and got a different answer from three...
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