Code of Ethics at the Workplace

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  • Published : January 16, 2012
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Ethics 2

Ethics are becoming more and more important, and Human Resources must continually revise the code of ethics to address issues that arise in the ever changing work place. Their effectiveness depends heavily on whether management is in support of them and how the employees who break ethical rules are treated. Ethical training sessions can provide a number of benefits. They reinforce the organizations standards of conduct; they are a reminder that top management wants their employees to consider ethical issues in their everyday decision making; and they clarify what practices are and are not allowed. This type of structure can strengthen their confidence when they have to take ethically correct stances which may not be popular (Sims, R. L. (2000, November). The relationships between employees attitudes and conflicting expectations for lying behavior). A strong company knows that communication must be supported through education and training. A strong ethical reputation can help give a company a competitive edge, improve recruitment, and help with the retention of current employees. A good ethics program supports such moral builders as openness and honesty. It can also improve employee interaction and build a workplace atmosphere based on candor, fairness, integrity and trust, lowering barriers in all aspects of communication. The basic values of a company must be visible. Human resources help insure that the basic values are communicated during the selection process, employee interviews, orientation sessions and performance reviews to help create a culture that emphasizes the importance of ethics. Whether a company relies solely on their Human resource department for an ethics program or has a separate ethics office, the Human resources department is

Ethics 3

depended on heavily to provide support for the underlying structure. Approximately 37% of all ethics inquires involve the Human resource issues, and that...
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