Code of Ethics Analysis

Topics: Ethics, Sociology, Pearson Education Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Chris Arentz

This is an analysis of the NASW Code of Ethics and if it is acceptable for social workers to use as a guide for their work and the subject of sexual conduct. It seems to flow into or breach each subject of social work with ease and an answer for most questions a social worker may have. It went into great detail explaining why it is not okay to have more than one relative or friend as clients because of an ethics issue. They would probably talk about the assistance they received and one could feel slighted. This makes sense because there are situations where a social worker can help someone more then someone else for whatever reason. Exploring other research such as laws associated with social work would be good to get more information on this subject, such as sexual conduct for social workers, NASW code of ethics(2003). As far the code of ethics it is not ethical to have sexual relations with a client or fellow worker and it makes a solid point. The question to ask is the law on the subject and what happens if the feelings can’t be ignored. Principally it is ethically wrong but emotionally it could be wrong to not at least talk to the client and let him or her down easy. Even when you are a supervisor, things do happen but the code is specific in saying that a supervisor should never enter in a relationship with a employee. A recommendation would be to report any relationship’s to human resources and let them know and that it is a mutual relationship. Human resources can draw up a document for their benefit and to protect the company from lawsuits. After all a social worker’s main goal is to help people in need and to address social problems.

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