Code of Conduct in Pathology

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  • Published : June 11, 2011
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Collection personnel have a professional and ethical responsibility to patients, the relatives of patients, visitors, referring doctors and other members of staff.

1. All collection staff have an ethical responsibility to ensure that a high standard of treatment and care is upheld. 2. Areferring practitioner’s motives are never to be contradicted. Collection staff must never make personal comments regarding referring doctors, the treatment they provide, or the relevance of the tests requested. 3. Collection staff are never to interpret pathology results, or divulge to a patient why a particular test is being performed; this is the responsibility of the referring doctor. 4. All special procedures, other than routine venepuncture, are only to be performed by appropriately trained staff, and only following approval by the Collection Training Officer. 5. Appointments are not necessary for any routine testing, however when required, appointments, test preperation and patient information sheets must be given to the patient to minimise any inconvenience. 6. A second venepuncture (following a failed attempt) is only to be attempted by a collector, if the collector has passed their three month probation period and is fully confident with the selected vein. It is against company policy to attempt more than two venepunctures on a patient. Contact the Area Supervisor following the second failed attempt to arrange for alternative collection of the specimen, and ensure that every effort is made to avoid patient inconvenience. 7. Collection staff must fully support all other staff members, including trainees and laboratory staff, and never denigrate them in front of our customers, even in a joking manner. 8. The uniform, including name badge, is to be worn while performing any duties as a representative of the practice and a professional and tidy apperance must be maintained at all times. 9. Collection staff are encouraged...