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Corporate Responsibility of Coco-mat


Table of Contents

Coco-mat’s Company profile3
1.Corporate Responsibility4
1.1.Coco-mat’s Philosophy4
1.2.The three main areas of CR in COCO-MAT5
2.Corporate values, words and actions of Coco-mat9
2.1.Corporate Values9
2.2.Corporate words11
2.3.Corporate actions12
3.Relationships between values, words and actions15

Coco-mat’s Company profile

The Greek company of Coco-mat was established in Athens in 1989, and initially was involved in the production of bed mattresses out of natural raw materials. Its name, Coco-mat, the compound word of the two words coconut and mattress, illustrates the business activity of the company in the best way. COCO-MAT introduced itself on the business scene like a small family company which launched in the market a new, innovative type of mattress, non-metal, natural and totally recyclable. Since then, it has expanded acquiring its own private factories to the Industrial Area of Xanthi in 1992. Nowadays, besides bed-mattresses and top-mattresses, COCO-MAT produces a wide range of products which are mainly consisted of pillows, furniture and an extensive bed linen collection. Additionally, it is worth to mention that it was the first company who introduced the use of the top-mattress as supplement, an important initiative which was warmly welcomed. As we said before, today, the company has its privately owned factories covering an area of 26.000 m2. Its main buildings in Xanthi satisfy the demand for COCO-MAT shops in Greece and Europe ( 34 shops in Greece, 7 in Europe) and there is also an unit production in China which covers the production needs of the 3 COCO-MAT shops there. As it concerns the personnel of the company (218 employees), the cultural diversity and the multilingual pattern of its workforce are quite obvious, as it is consisted of 9 different nationalities and 7 religions at least. The majority of the employees do not speak the Greek language fluently as they are refugees from “non-privileged” countries. It is also important to point out that COCO-MAT applies an employment policy that offers equal opportunities to people with “special skills” and that is the reason why more than 12% of its personnel are from what company calls “special social groups” which includes also disabled people. So, it will be very interesting to study COCO-MAT’s case in order to realize and understand how the company manages to maintain a peaceful, united and efficient working environment despite the cultural variation. Since its foundation, COCO-MAT has implemented a policy which emphasizes on quality of its products. In 1996, it was the first mattress manufacturer in Europe to achieve the ISO 9001 certification and since 1997 it is taking part in the Excellence Awards of the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM). The use of 100% natural raw materials is not the only thing with which the company is trying to achieve the quality of its products. COCO-MAT applies also Total Quality Management (TQM) methods and uses state-of-the-art technologies in its production line. It is also crucial to refer that COCO-MAT is one of the 500 nominated of Europe’s fastest-growing and job-creating companies according to the Europe’s 500 listing and one of the 10 fastest growing companies in Greece. Finally, by summarizing the history and the company profile of COCO-MAT, it is easy to understand why this company is a very interesting case of studying the way of implementation of what we call in business terms “Corporate Responsibility”, as the diversity of its workforce, its friendly environmental conscience and its quite evident presence in society create the ideal environment where the terms of Corporate Responsibility can be met.

Corporate Responsibility

1 Coco-mat’s Philosophy

As it concerns the issues of Corporate Responsibility, “Coco-mat’s philosophy is based on the...
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