Coco Chanel and Alexander Mcqueen

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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CoCo Chanel and Alexander McQueen.
Higher Art Design Essay.
Abbeylauren Duckett

Two artists that I have chosen who reflect change are Alexander Mcqueen who emulated the dominance of media on the world during the 1990's and Coco Chanel who reflected the change in the stance of women in society after the first world war.

Alexander McQueen was a contempary fashion designer and was his in-depth knowledge of British tailoring. He learned his skills as a tailor as an apprentice in the famous Savile Row. These tailoring skills influenced his later fashion designs and were evident in the quality tailoring and finishing in his pieces. Alexander mcQueen was appointed chief designer of Givenchy in 1997 and continued this roll till 2001. While also having his own designer label. Mcqueen became influential in the 1990's as the influence of media reached new heights. Unlike a lot of designers Mcqueen's work was very dramatic and bold. He used shock tactics to portray his extremist views. His most radical collection Highland Rape, which was shown in autumn/winter 1995 to 1996, is widely considered to be the collection that established McQueen’s Presance within fashion worldwide. It was seen as shocking as many at the time belived that the rape refrenced to the rape of women when actually it refered to the violent repression of the scottish by the english. Due to thi sit was highly criticised for being to shocking and radical.The collection portrayed this through blood splattered and brused models with messy hair and a strong use of McQueen tartan, military jackets and moss wool. Throughout the collection Mcqueen Contrasted Neat tailored jackets with torn lace dresses. Despite the critisims it was still a highly creative and impowering show. Not all of mcqueens work is flamboyant and dramatic. Alexander Mcqueen has a more delicate and beautiful side for example his dress White Lace dress worn by Ann Hathaway on the red carpet. The dressis made of white cut into...
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