Cocky Person

Topics: Hypertension, Cortisol, Thing Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Confident Without Being Cocky
Through life you come across and meet new people. These new people you may want to become friends with and share things with each other. From playing sports, working, school, or even church. You come to find new acquaintances in your life. The thing is you find those people out there that are stuck up and flat out cocky. They are the people who think they are just so much better than you at anything and everything. Cockiness will gain you no respect from people; Confidence is what the crowd is looking for. Cockiness will get you absolutely nowhere. Thinking you are better than someone in a certain criteria is just going to make people like you less. Girls definitely do not find it attractive when the guy is cocky. They don’t want to meet a guy who comes across as being arrogant. You don’t rub things into people’s faces, you seem like you are downgrading them. Being cocky is not just bad for your reputation but as well as your health. Researchers from the Universities of Michigan and Virginia concluded that vain men who registered strong characteristics of destructive narcissistic traits like entitlement and exploitativeness had far higher levels of cortisol, which is a known stress hormone that leads to high blood pressure and heart troubles. When you are working yourself up so much on how great you are you are working up your blood pressure. Be confident in what you do. Have fun with what you are doing but do not brag or showboat when you do achieve greater over someone else. Go after your goals with confidence, you have to stand tall with your shoulders back ready to take it on. They say confidence and cocky are really close to similar meanings. An example of confidence and cockiness is having an attitude that you know you are attractive to women is a little different than having an attitude like women should be glad just to spend a few moments in your presence. Confidence is what the people want, not some cocky person thinking...
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