Cocacola Marketing Strategy

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Coco Cola Marketing Plan and Techniques

Executive Summary
The Coca-Cola Company was first established in 1886 by Dr John Styth Pemberton. Today, the company is the world's leading manufacturer in the beverage industry, operating globally in more than 200 countries with its head office located in Atlanta, USA. It produces more than 300 beverage brands and over 1.06 billion drinks are consumed per day around the world. Coca-Cola Mission Statement

`To benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by our business.' Coca-Cola marketing technique includes
(i) Situational analysis
(ii) Target Market
(iii) Objectives/Goals
(iv) Marketing strategies and the marketing mix
(v) Monitoring & Controlling
(i) Situational Analysis
The Coca-Cola Company has been operating for over a century and is highly successful. It is currently in the renewal level of the post-maturity stage in the business life cycle. SWOT Analysis
Strengths (S) Weaknesses (W)
· Has been operating successfully for over a century.· Is known world-wide and operates in more than 200 countries.· Coca-Cola has a large share of the cola segment - holding approximately 85 per cent.· The Coca-Cola Company is the most recognized trademark in the world. · The contract The Coca-Cola Company has with its bottlers is under constant negotiations. Opportunities (O) Threats (T)

· Has significant growth opportunities.· Has sufficient capital to expand.· Has the potential to innovate and differentiate the company's products to sustain a competitive advantage.· May merge with other global businesses to eliminate competitors.· Capable of expanding into other markets other than the soft drink market. · Has many major global competitors with its main one being PepsiCo.· Coca-Cola can be substituted by other soft drink products made by its competitors. These competitors may develop marketing strategies to eliminate The Coca-Cola Company.· There may be an economic downturn in the business cycle. (ii) Target Market

The company's beverages are generally for all consumers. However, there are some brands, which target specific consumers. For example, Coca-Cola's diet soft drinks are targeted at consumers who are older in age, between the years of 25 and 39. PowerAde sports water target those who are fit, healthy and do sport. Winnie the Pooh sipper cap Juice Drink target children between the ages 5-12. This type of market approach refers to market segmentation. The Coca-Cola Company when advertising, has a primary target market of those who are 13-24, and a secondary market of 10-39. (iii) Objectives/Goals

Coca-Cola main objectives are to supply everyone their favourite drink and to satisfy the consumer needs and wants. Coca-Cola second main objectives are to provide profit to the shareholders and increase the market share. (iv) Marketing strategies and marketing mix

Marketing mix:
The Coca-Cola Company's products include beverage concentrates and syrups, with the main product being finished beverages. The business has over 300 brands of beverages around the world with the main ones being Coke, Fanta, Lift, Sprite, Frutopia 100% Fruit Juice, and PowerAde. The Coca-Cola Company packages its beverages into plastic bottles of sizes 2 liters, 1.25 liters, 600mL and 300mL. These are also available in aluminum cans of 375mL. Coca-Cola is the most well-known trademark, recognized by 94 per cent of the world's population. The business is very successful and holds a very good reputation. Marketing strategies for product

The Coca-Cola Company uses marketing strategies to differentiate its product from its competitors to gain a competitive advantage. These are listed in the table below. Marketing strategy Explanation of marketing strategy

Extension/product differentiation In 2002, the Coca-Cola Company extended the products of Coke and developed the new products Coke with lemon and Vanilla Coke. This...
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