Coca: Strategic Planning and Coca-cola Company

Topics: Strategic management, Coca-Cola, Strategic planning Pages: 22 (7614 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Strategic Management Issues of Coca-Cola Company Every successful study should have specified and well-defined objectives. A careful statement of the objective helps in preparing a well-decorated report facilitating others to take decision on it. The specific objectives of the study are to have knowledge about- To know about the strategic management issues of multinational companies To know about the strategies of the multinational companies To characterize the challenges of international strategic management To know about the international strategic management process To identify and characterize the levels the international management strategies To know about the Coca-Cola Company’s strategies management process. SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This study has focused upon the Management Issues those are followed by the Coca-Cola Company for capturing the global market. Through our report we try to find out the global challenges of International Strategic Management to assess the basic strategies, describe the international strategic management process of Coca-Cola Company. We hope this study will help to whom, who want to know more clearly about strategic management, its issues as well as the key factors which affect the process of Internationalization for a company. Data and Methodology

We examine secondary data of which related to the Strategic Management Issues at the global based Market. Data are collected on various issues from annual report of Coca-Cola Company (2005-2009). In our report we analysis the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly news Review of this company. Based upon this data we like to analysis the Economic Review, Statistical Strategic condition of the Coca-Cola Company. Both the official and regional website helps us to find out more related to the issues with the global market. Form those huge data we take the necessary and used them for the analysis. Our analysis data are clearly represented in our main part of the report through relevant chart, graph with proper description. LIMITATIONS OF THE REPORT

As a student of faculty of Business Administration and Management, 7th semester, this is our first initiative for making a report on “Strategic Management Issues of Multinational Companies (MNCs): A Case Study on Coca-Cola”. We were really unable to collect enough information from due to their official restrictions. Many things were so confidential that we were not entitled to access there. Beside this we have faced the following hindrances in preparing this report: • Lack of knowledge and experience

• Short of time
• Lack of computer facilities
• Lack of sufficient privileges
• Lack of communication facilities
Strategic management is the process of specifying an organization's objectives, developing policies and plans to achieve these objectives, and allocating resources so as to implement the plans. It is the highest level of managerial activity, usually performed by the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and executive team. It provides overall direction to the whole enterprise. International strategic management is a comprehensive and ongoing management planning process aimed at formulating and implementing strategies that enable a firm to complete effectively internationally. The process of developing a particular international strategy is often referred to as strategic planning. Strategic Management is the study of function and responsibilities of senior management. Five Essential Parts of Strategic Management

Goal-setting enables a firm to articulate its vision: identify what needs to be accomplished, define short-and long-term objectives, and relate them to what the organization needs to do. Analysis Analysis guides to collect and consider information so that a firm understands the situation. Assess external environments and internal situations to identify the strengths and weakness of the organization and the opportunities and...
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