Coca-Cola Usa vs Grove Press Inc

Topics: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Diet Coke Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Coca-Cola USA vs. Grove Press Inc

These are two letters full of different rhetorical strategies, from two dissimilar companies. One from Mr. Ira C Herbert who represents the Coca-Cola Company USA, and the other from Mr. R. W. Seaver, the Executive Vice President of Grove Press Inc. The letter first sent is from the Coca-Col

a Company, it is a cease and desist letter written by Ira Herbert urging Mr. Seaver to stop the use of the coca cola company slogan “it’s the real thing”. The second letter written by Seaver aims at making a ridicule and parody out of the first letter but is still trying to pass across a message which was that the Grove Press Inc company did not try to steal the Coca-Cola company slogan. The following paragraphs examine the rhetorical strategies of these two letters and analyze the way they have been applied in the case above. The first letter, as stated before, is written by Ira Herbert to grove press Inc. Herbert is urging Mr. Seaver discontinue the use of the slogan “it’s the real thing”. The Herbert starts the letter by telling Seaver that it has come to the notice of the Coca-Cola company that a book called Diary of Harlem school teacher by Jim Haskins) which is being published by Mr. Seavers Company is using the same slogan as them. He goes on to say that two prominent companies cannot use the same slogan, as clientele may confuse the products and it could cause a reduction in the value of advertisement of both products. As the letter goes on Herbert uses different rhetorical strategies to pass across his message. In the fourth paragraph of the letter Herbert uses historical illusions to inform Seaver about the history of the slogan ”it’s the real thing”, this is to show Seaver that Coca-Cola has been using the slogan for over twenty-seven years and for this reason the slogan is more or less theirs. Herbert displays logos in paragraph three where he states “we believe you will...
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