Coca Cola Sustainability Report

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company Pages: 4 (982 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Individual assignment for Sustainability (SEL)

I chose to deal with the American giant of soft beverage Coca-Cola. In its Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability plan, the company

This Sustainability report a quite interesting review based on stakeholders feedbacks, which will increase the brand transparency across its sustainability platform. As a matter of fact the company is trying to focus on four main elements: water stewardship, energy efficiency and climate protection, sustainable packaging and healthy communities. The report also includes “Plan Bottle” technology, aimed at improving water use and increasing production level.

Primary activities

Inbound Logistics

Coca-Cola mentioned in its report that regarding the inbound logistics that it is going to reduce the fuel used for manufacturing its own fleets of trucks, van, cars and also the electricity used in all sites due to the machines. The future plan of Coca-Cola focuses on zero waste and low carbon emissions. It is going to be step by step but given that the giant produces a lot, even if it slow down its emissions by 1%, the result can be seen.


The company is going to limit its emissions of Fuel during the transport, and also its CO2 emissions. It is the first soft drink company to receive the carbon standard. In its report, Coca-Cola focuses also on partnership, member of the FTSE4Good Index, also in partnership with the university of Cambridge Sustainability Leadership Program. Signatory of the UN global compact.

Outbound Logistics

In terms of outbound logistics, the company is going to reduce the electricity used by its cooler and vending machines at its customers premises, business travel rail, air and the fuel used by its third-party distributors. Moreover, regarding the distribution, the firm is going to use alternative technologies and alternative fuels.

Marketing and sales

In terms of marketing and sales the company focuses more on the...
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