Coca Cola Marketing Position

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Coca Cola

This paper will critically analyze the market situation and positioning of Coca- Cola in the beverage industry. In order to have a clear idea of Coca-Cola, there are many different methods available to find useful information, including the company’s website, magazines and others. Also, it can obtain the relevant market conceptions from books, such as Brassington and Pettitt (2007). To begin with, this paper will introduce the general overview of Coca-Cola and its target market. Then, it will identify the segmentation criteria and some buyer behavior issues of Coca-Cola. Moreover, it will compare with other competitors from the competitive marketing positioning (product, price, place and communication).

The global brand Coco-Cola has a history of over 100 years. It was originally founded in 1886 by Dr. John Styth Pemberton and after that the company has developed into the world’s largest manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverage. The company enjoys a leading market position. Today, it operates more than 200 countries all over the world and produces over a billion cans of Coca-Cola per day, which account for about 48 percent of the soft drink market worldwide. The brand declares the purpose as “to refresh the world…”, “to inspire moments of optimism and happiness…”, “to create value and make a difference”.

The Coco-Cola adopted different strategies to the target market. The consumer segmentation criteria were based on demographics (age and income), psychographics and behavior. Coca-Cola has continued to be committed to make products pervasiveness. There is no difference about the palate in different countries or regions. The company wants to extend the Coke to each place, wherever in convenient stores, supermarkets or others. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that Coke is a soft drink without having any place restriction.

The target market of Coco-Cola basically focused on the young generation around the world because the company wishes to show that the Coke represent youth and energy to the consumers. Meanwhile, it also pays attention to the fashionable consumers. The age should be located at 14-45 years and regardless of gender. This is due to the two types are the major consumer groups to Coke and they have a relatively large of consumption density. It will be increasingly become the main stream of market. In addition to this, the company also considers about the old people. It will be helpful for the company expand the potential consumers. Actually, the demand for Coke of people is a kind of the pursuit of stimulation and vitality of life. Because the drink contains sugar, caffeine and other ingredients, the caffeine is stimulus for the brain. Furthermore, Coca-Cola have a variety of flavors, it can satisfy different age groups. It also determines that coca-cola pursues the individuality and reflects people’s confident, active, passion personality characteristics.

From the behavior segmentation, Coco-Cola concentrates on those people who drink Coke regularly and those regions where the demand is higher than the other regions. There are many people who drink this carbonated drink every day or weekly or less often. Especially in summer, most people hope to drink the iced drink, coca-cola not only relieve the thirst and hot weather, but also it brings taste and spirit enjoyment. On the other hand, the company has a lot of loyal consumers who prefer to drink Coca-Cola. The company proposes the strategy that Coco-Cola is the first choice when people want to have soft drink.

The biggest competitor of Coca-Cola is Pepsi-cola. Pepsi- cola was born in 1898 which was late than Coco-Cola about 13 years. During the process of its development, the company has faced the verge of bankruptcy two times. But after the Second World War, the Pepsi-Cola adjusted itself to own orientation by reexamine, it has risen rapidly. It still has been a leader role and gaining more market share in each existing...
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