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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Subject: Healthy Flavored Water


Water is an essential part of our lives. Sixty percent of our total body weight is water so we need to maintain certain water levels to avoid dehydration and for proper body functions. We should drink at least eight glasses (8-ounce) of water a day. Sometimes, water can pick up a plastic or metal flavor from stored containers which makes it more difficult to drink. People can enjoy fruity flavors of “Dasani Drops” with the water and can also minimize the harmful effects of lack of water. It is a zero calorie liquid enhancer that allows people to add authentic burst of flavor to their water. These tasty drops will boost consumption of water, whether it’s bottled or tap water. Dasani Drops are naturally flavored drops, and they come in multiple flavors, including strawberry kiwi, pink lemonade, pineapple coconut and mixed berry. Apart from flavors it contains artificial sweeteners, Vitamins and minerals. It has passed all the safety and quality measurements. * It comes in small portable containers and easy to carry. * Instead of getting expensive bottled water one can use these drops with the tap water. * A small bottle (1.9 fluid ounce) has more than two dozen servings, which make it more affordable. Dasani drops allow users to decide how much flavor they want, encouraging user interaction and customization. It comes in small squeezable container which is easy to use and carry. It gives people a new way to enjoy drinking water. Dasani drops are useful for people who are health conscious as well as people suffering with Obesity, Diabetics or cholesterol as it has zero calories. Also it is beneficial for moms who are very busy with daily routine and follow fashion trends as well as take care of their health. It attracts children with different fruity flavors....
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