Coca-Cola Marketing Channels

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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Coca-Cola Marketing Channels
Tawnya Geels
Richard Fairbanks
Andrew Adamisin
Len Caldwell
Indiana Wesleyan University
MGT-421 BSBA-381
Professor Ron Wilson
January 17, 2012

Coca-Cola Marketing Channels
Coca-Cola’s marketing channels are a vital asset to attracting and reaching different cultures and marketing segments worldwide. Coca-Cola product distribution and advertising channels are constantly changing, a necessity for expanding their market share. It is through these strong marketing channels that Coca-Cola fulfills their consumer habits, impulses, and psychological wants and needs that drive a consumers decision making processes. So, whether we are on a trip to grandma’s house, or a business trip and we stop for gas, stretch our legs at a rest area, decide to sit-down, or drive through for lunch, we as consumers, can enjoy a cold refreshing Coke almost anywhere worldwide. The following are some of Coca-Cola’s variety and multitude of product marketing distribution channels; Product Distribution

* Wholesale distribution stores and supermarkets
* Drug stores, and discount stores
* Hotels, motels, and resorts, movie theatres
* Restaurants, fast food chains
* Gas stations and convenience stores
* Vending machines and rest areas
* Sporting and social events
* Internet, social media, radio
* Television and billboards
While product placement and distribution are important, Coca-Cola is always looking for ways to improve their distribution systems. In 2006, they began implementing a new faster delivery system at their customer locations (Forrest, 2009). Using their CooLift technology, Coca-Cola’s drivers are able to greatly reduce the time spent at each supermarket, vending machine, etc. (Swift Water Logistics, 2011). Coca-Cola plans to slowly implement the system companywide over the next several years (Forrest, 2009). CooLift Advantages

* Rear Loading Trucks vs. old side loaders
* Products are...
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