Coca Cola Green Initiatives

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Coca Cola Green Initiatives
Nicole Johnson

Green Initiatives
Implementation of sustainability plans by small businesses and global organizations have become one of the top priorities for businesses. Companies have become environmentally conscious of materials used in the production of goods, energy use in manufacturing, and modes of transportation for products. These organizations have become active in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases by using energy efficient facilities, recyclable materials in building new facilities, and alternative transportation methods. The Coca-Cola Company is not an exception. Coca Cola has manufacturing plants across the globe. The company consults with the bottling partners and outlays sustainability agendas for the system, and supports these partners in meeting the established goals. Current Initiatives by Coca-Cola

The Coca Cola Company is the newest members of the National Clean Fleets Partnership. The National Clean Fleets Partnership was created by President Obama to help large companies reduce diesel and gasoline use in their fleets. Coca Cola is a model to other companies in this area because for some time the company has had more heavy-duty hybrid trucks in North America than any other fleet. The current inventory includes more than 700 hybrid electric trucks that reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gases when compared to a conventional truck.

The company has a vision of zero waste. The products used by Coca Cola contain more than 85% recyclable materials. The company is focusing most of the sustainability efforts in this area. Across the world the company has changed the materials used in production. In the Philippines the company has rolled out Ultra Glass which has reduced the use of glass materials by 20%. Ultra glass was introduced in 2000 by Coca Cola, the bottle is designed to improve impact resistance, and reduce weight and cost. The materials are 40% stronger, 20% lighter and 10% less...
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