Coca Cola Company Case Study

Topics: Coca-Cola, Popular culture, Soft drink Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Date: 22/10/2012

The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational business organisation founded in the late 1890’s in Georgia, USA. Its main focus is selling soft drinks and is especially famous for its first soft drink, after which is named, Coca-Cola. The first product was patented in 1887 and registered as a trademark in 1893. By 1895 it was sold in the whole USA and since then has been expanding around the world (The Coca-Cola Company, Product Descriptions). Throughout its history it has been subject to a lot of criticism for its various practices and has enjoyed incredible success. The organisations main strength it’s the fact that it is the most recognised product worldwide. Part of that recognition can be attributed to the fact that The Coca-Cola Company localizes its products and advertising campaigns, which has been highly successful. Coca-Cola has been credited with forming the modern image of Father Christmas as a jolly, old bearded man, dressed in red. (Coca-Cola at home) The main goal of all the campaigns has been that people choose the soft drink as their favoured beverage, a mission that has been greatly accomplished in many areas. Another advantage of the company is that it also has different headquarters in each country, giving it the ability to dictate all campaigns and give ideas on products. (The Times, Creating an effective organisational structure, Page 2: A global and local strategy). Also the company is always trying to expand its range of products, focusing on beverages, but not only soft drinks as it sells juice, water, energy drinks and squashes as well. (The Times, Creating an effective organisational structure, Page 4: The corporate segment -Head Office). Coca-Cola is normally associated with the United States of America, mainly because of its patriotic advertisements that were then exported to other countries. It has a dominant role in modern popular culture, with mass media references and even films containing the company’s...
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