Coca-cola and Kali Aerated Water

Topics: Coca-Cola, Tamil Nadu, Soft drink Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Introduction :
Bovonto is a soft drink popular in South India, especially Tamilnadu. It is manufactured and marketed by Kali Mark (Kali Aerated Water Works), which has offices and bottling plants at several towns / Cities in Tamilnadu the drink is mildly carbonated and has a tangy grape-cola taste. There is a select fan following for this drink similar to Harley Davidson fan club. Kali Mark is a regional-level player and is one of the very few indigenous soft-drink manufacturers in India that survived the onslaught of take-overs by Multinational giants Pepsi and Coca Cola, during the mid 1990s. Other than Bovonto, the company also used to produce soft drinks like the Trio, Solo andFrutang. The company still maintains a low profile in areas of marketing & advertising. It has a next-to-nil online presence.The Take-over saga of the Nineties During the nineties, almost all of the local soft drinks were either bought or driven out of business by aggressive pricing and marketing by the MN Giants. Some of the familiar Brand names BEFORE the (re)entry of Coca Cola and Pepsi in to the Indian market: Thums Up, Limca, Gold Spot, Torrino, Maaza, Parner, Frutang, Bovonto, Double Seven, Duke, Campa Cola, Kali Mark, Frooti Torino is available only in Southern districts of Tamil Nadu. The taste is like old Gold spot. Campa Cola was relaunched in Delhi in mid 1990s but suddenly it vanished and Duke, double seven were products of Parle agro foods and marketed by Chennai Bottling Company. Bovonto entered the city of Bangalore India, through a few Chettinad restaurants. Places at Bangalore where you can get a sip of Bovonto - The Selah Chetinad style restaurant - Bommanahalli,Anjappar, Koramangala, Ponnusamy, Koramangala.

Type| Cola|
Manufacturer| Kali Aerated Water Works|
Country of origin| India|
Introduced| 1916|
Related products| Trio Solo FrutangFruitnic|
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