Coca Cola Analysis

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The Coca Cola Company

The company that I have chosen for my course project is the Coca Cola Company. The reason for my selection is simple, I am impressed with growth associated with Coca Cola and plan on further researching and analyzing how such growth of this magnitude is possible. The company was founded in 1886 by John Pemberton as a simple soft drink, created solely out of curiosity. John Pemberton, a pharmacist, mixed together the caramel flavored carbonated drink and initially starting selling it for 5 cents. Now 126 years later, Coca Cola has more than 3500 beverages, sold in over 200 countries and employ more than 146,200 employees. What debuted as a simple soft drink in an Atlanta pharmacy, now has a global success rate of 1.8 billion servings per day. Product List

The following product list is from research gathered covering the Coca Cola drinks of the North American Region in the United States. Globally Coca Cola has over 3500 products. The products sold solely in the United States range from juices, energy drinks, soft drinks, coffees, teas, sports drinks and drink mixers. Coca Cola diverse efforts to cover every aspect of liquid drinks, whether for sporting events or simply enjoyment, have made up a total of XXXXXX in the United States alone. The original Coca Cola product was first introduced in 1886 and distributed nationally by 1899. Today you can find your favorite Coca Cola product literally anywhere in the world. Due to higher concerns for health and nutrition, in 2007 Coca Cola furnished caffeine content per serving along with already available nutritional information.

Product Lines and Mix
The Coca Cola Company has 7 product lines within their beverage selection. They all fall into the non alcoholic liquid beverage sold in restaurants, stores, vending machines and distribution companies in the United States. Of the 7 product lines (see table A below), you can see that the most variety falls under the soft drink line with over XXXXX of products.

Table A.

Coca Cola Products have some of the most distinct flavors. At times they were criticized for adding certain ingredients, such as cocoa leaves, to enhance flavor and increased desire to drink the soft drink. Today the Coca Cola products sold in stores in the United States range from carbonated delightful drinks, to sports drinks used to fuel the body with electrolytes (See Table B. below). Coca Cola's first product was actually made by mixing a “fragrant, caramel flavored liquid and combined with carbonated water. (Coca Cola Co., 2012). It became an almost instant sensation and today Coca Cola owns some of the favorite soft drink products sold in the U.S. such as Dr. Pepper, Sprite, PowerAde, Minute Maid, and Dasani. Table B.

| |Type of Drink | Popular | |Soft Drinks |Carbonated -flavored |Coca Cola- Sprite | |Juices |Non carbonated fruit drinks made from real fruit juice and |Minute Maid Lemonade | | |flavoring | | |Energy Drinks |Energy carbonated drinks made from Ginseng and Tuarine |Monster Energy | |Sports Drinks |Combines carbohydrates with fluid for hydration |POWERADE | |Tea / Coffee |Iced Coffee and Tea |Nestea | |Water |H20 |Dasani...
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