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Coca-Cola’s Organizing Functions of Management

MGT 330

Organization’s Paper: Coca Cola Organization
The Coca Cola Organization is a company best known for their soda products but, as one of the top revenue beverage companies in the world they also offer products such as tea, water, and sports drinks. The Coca Cola Company has franchising and distribution opportunities worldwide. Syrup is the only original component which is manufactured by the Coca-Cola organization; it is sold to the rest of the franchised companies (Coca-Cola Bottling, 2010). The Coca-Cola Organization is a large company. Human resources must manage many employees throughout the organization worldwide. Keeping updated on the companies technologies is another focus Coca-Cola administers, and how to dispense the technology to the rest of its franchising locations in another focal point to accomplish. These internal processes are important to have a successful company. The human resources department is required to monitor their employees’ performance. The technologies aspects help incorporate the company’s finances, resources, and organizations framework. In order to configure these organizational functions in a proper fashion the company must create and follow through on the coordination of tasks to be delivered. Management must take the tasks from the CEO or franchise owners and delegate these tasks onto their employees. The responsibilities of these tasks need to be monitored by the said technologies in place and reported back to the human resources for employee evaluations.

From the managements perspective the employees’ performance is then provided to the human resources department. Making sure the competition is set aside from the Coca-Cola Organization Coca-Cola respects their employees and understands the employees’ are an asset to the organization. Offering opportunities to their employees’ to creatively show off their skills through contest ensures growth...

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