Coca Cola's Water Conservation Project

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Coca-Cola’s Water Conservation Project and the
Influence of Stakeholder Engagement

This paper discusses the case, Coca-Cola's Water Neutrality Initiative, found in Lawrence and Weber (2011), describing the growing public issue that the Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) faced in the 2000s. TCCC was criticized for its excessive use of water and the ever-growing problem of water shortage throughout the world. With water being an essential part of TCCC’s business, this paper will review the steps taken by the company to reassess its usage of water. It will review the strategic radar screens model discussed by Lawrence and Weber (2011) as well as Albrecht (n.d.). The issue management life cycle process model in which issues are analyzed, options created and implemented, and the ultimate evaluation of results will also be discussed based on the TCCC case. It will review the concept of stakeholder engagement and stakeholder dialogue and the company’s utilization of these business tactics. For further insight into TCCC itself, this paper will reference an article by Staff (2012) from the company’s own website highlighting the company’s ongoing stakeholder engagement. When TCCC was faced with the public issue of water shortage and pesticide residue, proper steps were taken to assure company stakeholders that their concerns were heard and efforts put forth to resolve what could have otherwise been a major setback for the company.

Coca-Cola’s Water Conservation Project and the
Influence of Stakeholder Engagement
In the case of Coca-Cola's Water Neutrality Initiative found in Lawrence and Weber (2011), TCCC was presented with a major public issue in 2003 when India activists pointed a finger at the company, accusing it of causing water shortage among many of the communities in which factories are located as well as having high levels of pesticide residue in Coca-Cola products. Using...
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