Coastline Systems Consulting Customer Response System

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Coastline systems consulting
Customer response system
Destin, Florida.

The president & analyst, Peter Charles, wants to develop a system that is both more responsive to clients ans helpful to technicians. He would like to see a system that allows clients to directly enter their service requests. The system would track the status of each request along with the hours spent for billing purposes. Mr. Charles also wants the system to be able to generate statistics and reports so he can pursue continuous improvement in this area.

PROJECT: ……….. ……………. , PROJECT MANAGER: ………………….……. CREATED BY: ……………….…, LAST UPDATED BY:…………………………. DATE CREATED: --/--/--- | DATE LAST UPDATED: --/--/----

1. The company is unable to adequately keep track of their client’s hardware and software configurations. Tech Support is unable to access information from home. This causes them to be unable to fully support their clients in the field Clients are unable to enter service request Techs are unable to track hardware installations Consultants are unaware of any work previously done on a prior job. 2. The current practices neither for tracking client configuration information and hardware components are working as the Consulting firm would like. An incident was logged by a client and addressed by a technician. When in the field, the problem logged and reporting has become complex for the technician due to ongoing inaccuracy or incomplete information. The company needs some level of automated tracking database at the enterprise level or Internet application to allow clients to submit service requests, while also allowing the technicians the ability to review closed services, track new ones and update from some device based on the status of a service request. By introducing this opportunity, this will allow the company and its employees to provide faster service to their clients while reducing cost and time. It also allows the company to provide real time status to their clients, the company and executive management team. BRIEF STATEMENT OF EXPECTED SOLUTION

1. A new system is to be created, both responsive to clients and helpful to technicians, that allows techs to access and update data and software configurations remotely. It will also allow them to track installations as they occur. The system will also allow clients to enter service requests remotely. The system will also allow technicians to document the work done on those requests, and for everyone to be able to see the history and status of each request.

Brief Statements of Problem, Opportunity, or Directive, Urgency, Visibility, Annual Benefits, ,|Priority or Rank, Proposed Solution | i. There are no records of past job history with client records. Create a new company wide database for job records. ii. Clients are unable to submit their service request directly to the office. Build an online client portal iii. The current system for inventorying clients’ equipment, configurations, purchase and warranty dates is Update & revamp client information database. iv. Consultants need to be able to access client data in the Update in house network to make it accessible through a VPN . 2. The proposed Client Technology Tracking System will allow the company to track hardware components and configuration data (internally and externally including equipment for clients). New development will track at a detailed level purchase history, hardware inventory of the equipment and warranty periods. The Internet application will allow the company’s employees the ability to manage activities while logging a system of records and history for all clients. It will also allow clients to submit service requests.

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