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Coastal Resource Management

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Coastal Resource Management

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Coastal Resource Management — Is this the Solution?

Coastal resource management (CRM) is about the sustainable use and management of coastal resources. According to Alan White and Nelson Lopez, CRM comprises those activities that achieve sustainable use and management of economically and ecologically valuable resources in the coastal areas which consider interaction among and within resource systems as well as those of humans and their environment. In essence, CRM means planning, implementing and monitoring the sustainable use of coastal resources. According to, the process must be participatory, that is, it must be consultative, multisectoral, and interdisciplinary. It must consider the interconnectedness of the various ecosystems and encourage cooperation among individuals, communities, and among countries. It must, in other words, be rooted in the truth that we all share a single, vast ocean. During the early 1980s, the Philippines pioneered the first concepts and projects on what is now Coastal Resource Management. Because of the growing problem of environmental degradation in the coastal area, various sectors in the country began to conceptualize and implement several projects designed to bring about sustainable management and use of coastal resources. It was also in early 1980s when the Central Visayas Regional Project (CVRP) was the government’s first attempt to incorporate community organizing in its CRM efforts. This was followed in the early 1990s by two major programs, the DA’s Fisheries Sector Program and the DENR’s Coastal Environment Program. The reason why we must manage our natural resources is that they are a huge natural and economic resource of our country. The problem is, many humans are exploiting and, in many instances, damaging the coastal ecosystems and their natural ability to produce and reproduce. They engage in overfishing and other similar activities to have more profit at present, unaware of...

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