Coastal Management

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Costal Management Fieldwork
Costal Management Fieldwork

Research Action Plan
Step One; Aim/Purpose of Investigations
The purpose of this investigation is to research the effects of erosion and deposition on Wollongong City Beach and demonstrate how individuals, groups and governments can sustainably manage the coast.

Step Two; Focus Questions – At least 3 (Who, what, when, where) * What are the Geographical Processes occurring at the WCB area? * How do erosion and deposition affect the coast?
* What are the management strategies used by the various levels of government? * How has the WCB changed over time?
* What is the general public’s opinion about the rehabilitation work at Belmore Basin?

Step Three; Primary/Secondary Sources
Primary Sources(collected/interpreted yourself)| Secondary Sources(something someone else has gathered/interpreted)| Field Sketches| Websites|
Survey| Talk from DECCW|
Observations| Historic Photos of WCB|
Photos| Map of WCB area|
Beach Profile| |
Sketches of features| |
Graphs + Analysis of survey| |

Step Four and Five; Identify techniques used to obtain data & Collect primary and secondary data Survey - Surveys are established questions which were put to members of the public about their opinion of Belmore Basin. The group surveyed a total of 7 people which gives an overview of the public’s opinion, about Belmore Basin and the changes being undertaken there. Results for all groups were collated for analysis. To obtain the survey data the geographers went down to Belmore Basin and asked the general public for their time to participate in their survey, which was a small piece of paper with questions about what the person knew about the changes being undertaken, as well as their age, and gender.

Field Sketches/ Sketches of Features- Field sketches are drawings of a scene showing geographical features. In this case a field sketch was drawn to show the geographical processes and changes that have occurred at the Wollongong City Beach as well as the erosional effect along the coast. Sketches of erosional features were also drawn, to document and further the students’ knowledge of the depositional and erosional processes that happen along the coast as well as the effects they have. To draw the field sketch the geographers sat/stood where the old Wollongong City Surf club used to be and sketched everything they saw, including trees, beach, light house, school e.c.t. To draw the sketches of features the geographers sat on the rocks near Flagstaff point and sketched features such as cliffs, rock platforms, wave-cut notches and rock pools.

Observations- Observations are the act of making and recording a measurement, where year 10 geography students sketched and took notes on what they saw and heard about the Wollongong coast. The sketches and notes give the students an understanding about the depositional and erosional processes that have occurred over time on the Wollongong coast. To obtain observations the geographers went from station to station. There were 5 stations in total and the geographers listened to the teachers or special guests, whilst taking notes and sketches on what they were saying. The stations were all at different locations including the Polding Learning Centre, the northern end of City Beach, Old City Surf club, Flagstaff point and Belmore Basin.

Photos/ Historic photos of WCB- Photos are a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material. Photos helped the students on this excursion further their understandings of how the WCB has changed over time, as well as what the depositional and erosional features present look like. They are also an accurate point in time record of WCB so a great for comparison with present time. The geographers took the photos with a camera at Flagstaff point and Old City Beach Surf club.

Beach Profile- A...
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