Coastal Management

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  • Published : March 10, 2012
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Coastal Management
Whilst researching about Coastal Management on Cronulla beaches, I have discovered that Coastal Management along the beach is required. To manage the coast we must be aware of the effect of human activity, erosion and decaying of the sand dunes as they destroy the beach but the Council has helped prevent these issues. One of the main issues is erosion; erosion is the process of wearing something down due to the action of water and wind. If erosion goes left unattended, the beach size will reduce as more will be damaged. The Sutherland Shire council has helped this problem by creating protection walls, specifically the ‘Sea Bee’ Wall which consumes the wave energy and also catches the sand which then prevents erosion from happening. Along the beach there are rip rack rocks which help keep the beach sufficient as it keeps it healthy and in a good state by absorbing the impact of a wave before it reaches a particular structure. Human activity is also a major issue as the more the beach is used, it increases coastal population and visitors to the coast which then causes climate change and the climate change will raise the sea levels which will result in strong erosions. Another issue is Humans that 4WD on the sand dunes as they cause fragile vegetation to be destroyed. The Sutherland council and other organisations have thought of and helped prevent many issues that are subject to happen along the Kurnell Peninsula but this does not help keep the Peninsula sustainable to the full extent. I have thought of several methods that can help prevent the destruction of Cronulla beaches. These methods include providing the general public with more rubbish bins as it will help maintain the pollution and restrain the public from littering along the beach as the bins already placed on the beach are overflowing and there are very few. Another method that could be used is construction groynes along the beaches as they trap the sand and make the beach wider....
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