Coastal Management

Topics: Coast, Storm surge, Tide Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: May 1, 2013
As the coastal management expert of Southerland Shire I have come up with the most appropriate way to manage this problem. Storm surges are effects of severe storm systems due to a rise in sea level, if a storm surge and a tide meet when reaching the coast line severe damage can occur; resulting in extreme flooding in coastal areas, leading to damaging buildings surrounding the coastline. To prevent this problem and minimize storm surges having such a large impact and causing severe damage to the coastline, rock revetments can be placed on South Cronulla beach (parallel to the beach and the coastline and in front of the dune system). Behind the rock revetments sand bags can also be placed, as sand bags absorb the water and they will act like a line of final defense when extreme waves are in action. Rock revetments are designed to reduce the impact on erosive power coming from the waves by absorbing the physically powerful forces approaching from storm surges and increases run-up and wave reflection. Rock revetments also encourage upper beach stability. The gaps between the rocks trap the water coming from waves allowing the flow of water to be slowed down, and minimising the effect of the soil or any structures on the beach to erode. The reason why I have recommended rock revetments as the best possible solution is because they do not have a large impact to the natural environment and do not damage the structures behind the beach or any structures surrounding the coastline. Rock revetments are required to have long-term security and are also not of a high maintenance; hence this coastal management structure will not be too costly for the council and the ratepayers of Southerland Shire. The rock revetments will be placed on a flat angle on the sand and parallel to the beach and the shoreline. Materials which will be used in the process of constructing rock revetments are rock types- commonly granite or limestone, concrete and vinyl sheet piling for shoreline...
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