Coal Bleaching

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Coral Bleaching

Inquiry Questions:

What is coral Bleaching?

I researched this question in order to broaden my knowledge and understanding of Coral Beaching.

How does coral bleaching occur?

This question helped me understand the process of coral bleaching and what is involved for corals to become “bleached”.

What happens when it gets out of hand?

I researched this in order to support my argument against coral bleaching as it states the negatives and damage it causes.

What can be done?

This question helps propose a few alternatives to coral bleaching therefore encouraging stopping coral bleaching.

How can bleaching be reduced?

This question focuses on the main purpose in trying to reduce the amount of coral that’s being bleached.

Report: against coral bleaching

On the Great Barrier Reef alone there are over 400 species of coral. These combine together to form the foundations of the greater structures of the reef. Microscopic organisms called zooxanthellae live inside coral structures and they nourish the coral host through the process of photosynthesis and through this, give colour and life to the reef. They are the source to the health and vitality of the reef and they live in a delicate balance with their habitat. The smallest changes alone in the water temperature can cause the zooxanthellae to be drawn out from the coral, leaving the coral’s appearance looking white and lifeless. This is the process of coral bleaching, and unless these conditions are changed back to the normal balance within 4-6 weeks, the coral will die.

This process eventually affects the whole ocean system, and food chain. The main affect comes down to this: No reef, no fish. If there is no fish in the waters then in the long run it will affect us, the human race, as we feed of fish. Coral bleaching is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed and taken seriously. Many environmental activists...
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