Coaching Plan

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Coaching Plan
Team A selected Mrs. Annamarie Mathews for their coaching plan. Mrs. Mathews is a veteran kindergarten teacher at Kelsey Elementary school in the Kelsey Unified School District. She considers “each year a new adventure” as she prepares for her incoming students. The goal of her coaching plan is ensure she continues to be one of the top teachers in the district and a resource that can be called upon to share her expertise in the field.

Identification and Attributes of Annamarie Mathews
Reputation and professional integrity
Annamarie Mathews has a passion for teaching children, which has given her the reputation of an “excellent teacher”. Mrs. Mathews classroom is the “hubbub” for children to learn in a student-centered environment where learning activities are designed appropriately for the age groups of the children. Mrs. Mathews is noted by her peers for having professional integrity through the display of high moral and ethical standards. Mrs. Mathews should continue to display the characteristics of a teacher whose primary goal is to engage with students in an environment built on trust and caring. Mrs.Mathews should consider serving as a mentor to less tenured teachers who have not yet mastered creating and fostering a learning environment rich with enthusiasm, trust, respect, learning activities and creativity. The mentoring activities can be two-fold, whereby the mentees will learn by observing Mr. Mathews in her classroom environment. Mrs. Mathews should guide her mentees in creating learning activities structured specifically for the students and then share best practices regarding the implementation of the activities. The mentor/mentee relationship should continue throughout the year with Mrs. Mathews meeting weekly with her mentee to perform formative assessments that will lead toward a final summative assessment: what is working well and where are the areas of opportunities. Mrs. Mathews is considered “Advanced” in her reputation and professional integrity.

Teaching experience
Mrs. Mathews is a tenured teacher with many decades of teaching experience under her belt. Mr. Mathews has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development and a Master of Arts degree in Curriculum and Instruction, plus a teaching credential from a state university. Although Mrs. Mathews has an impressive educational background, it would be wise for Mrs. Mathews to continue her educational endeavors and consider earning a Doctorate degree. There are several schools that cater to busy working adults with which Mrs. Mathews could continue her studies to make an even greater impact on education in her district. It is recommended that Mrs. Mathews research her options and discuss the viability of such an endeavor with her superiors in 60 days. Mrs. Mathews is considered “Advanced” in her teaching experience. Continuing education

Mrs. Mathews enjoys the learning process and stays current with education trends, concerns, ideas, and immediate issues through industry journals and professional magazines. Mrs. Mathews belongs to professional organizations and attends professional workshops on a regular basis. According to Mrs. Mathews profile, her focus is on developing children as a whole, with her primary focus on brain development and emotional development. Mrs. Mathews should continue to enhance her knowledge by staying up-to-date on current events within education. A helpful plan of action would be for Mrs. Mathews to brief her colleagues on her findings during a quarterly meeting, which would serve to reinforce Mrs. Mathews personal learning and add value to the school through the enlightenment of other teachers. Mrs. Mathews is considered “Advanced” in her efforts toward continuing education. Teaching style

Mrs. Mathews teaching style is kinesthetic in nature. She believes that children learn best through the efforts of playing with one another and discovering their world through a more collaborative,...
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