Coaching Journey

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Coaching Case Study
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1. Description of the context (organizational setting).

RP-SG group has embarked on coaching initiatives for the senior managers of the group since last year. Three very senior leaders went through coaching intervention. The coach in this case has been an external professional. Subsequently the HR leadership of the group concluded that such coaching initiatives need to be cascaded through the organisation and therefore to run these interventions in a cost efficient manner, it is better to create a pool of internal coaches. With that backdrop the group invited CFI to educate us and help create a pool of internal certified coaches. 24 senior leaders were chosen to go through this journey along with CFI. I was chosen as one of them. The journey started with a 4 days classroom training facilitated by CFI. Post this training and education (which helped us to clear our Level 1 requirements towards becoming a certified coach); the group assigned two coachees to me for my internship journey as a coach. The first few meetings were in large groups where the concerns and questions of all coachees were addressed by CFI directly. AK was assigned to me as a coachee for my coach internship program. Subsequently the triad meeting between AK’s superior, AK and I was held, where AK’s reporting superior shared AK’s strengths and areas of improvement. Some of the clear positives are AK’s passion for perfection, his ability to bring systems and process discipline and he is very energetic and enthusiastic. His superior also highlighted his areas of improvement as his ability to present his business case without getting carried away with emotions. Secondly, his ability to understand his people’s emotions and affiliation needs. AK’s superior highlighted that if he improves on these areas then AK’s role can be enlarged and he can started leading a larger portfolio.

2. Description of the coachee (personal and professional background).

AK comes from a middle class family from the north east of India. He was the youngest of 6 children and hence his childhood has been a story of indulgence and pampering. He also narrated stories of his childhood where he himself realized that he was a stubborn child. AK’s first service was with the Indian Army as a Captain. His brother was with the police service and he was killed in action. Death of his brother made him more responsible but he himself being from the army, he shared during his dialogue with me, that in the service, death can come any time and hence it was not very unusual for him. He left the Army on 2006 after 6 years and completed his PGDBM from XLRI and joined the corporate world. AK is currently at a Deputy General Manager level and heads a very retail store of the group. He is 34 years old and is unmarried.

AK during our pre-engagement dialogue described himself as a person who cannot tolerate indiscipline, is a perfectionist and felt that when employees chat with each other on the shop floor, it is unnecessary and should be strictly handled. He also expected the same behaviour from others and believed that if his peers (for example an auditor) have something to present they should not surprise him in a public meeting but discuss with him before and then present the report.

AK appreciated that he needed to improve on these dimensions and looked eager to seek help. He mentioned that he is happy to be part of the coaching intervention.

3. Description of the coachee’s present issues, needs, aspiration (the story).

AK has been leading smaller stores with the company since he joined. He was moved to his current assignment two years ago. He led 180 people in the store. The news of his move was not taken well by the team since AK’s reputation as a tough, impersonalised boss preceded his arrival. AK walked into...
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