Coaching in the Call Center Industry

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  • Published : June 9, 2012
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Background: The introduction to coaching in the call center industry to create a new way of management is on the increase due to the nature of the work, it is repetitive and emotional draining. Agents in call centers are expected to maintain maximum efficiency regardless of the stresses and strains of the emotional labor. Keeping the agents motivated and engaged with their work is one of the responsibilities of the supervisors and is no easy task. In the Connections Magazine (2010, December) published the results of study that gave the number one reason people leave call center work as other people, especially co-workers and poor managers; managers, such as those who tend to lead with an authoritative style and use criticism more often than encouragement to get things done. The finding show this is not only why there is a high employee turnover in call centers but is the reason for low performance, morale, and engagement. At ABC Telecom the transition from Supervisor to Coach took place over two years ago. This was a quality initiative in response to some of the same findings as the article when an in house survey was done. By examining what is already known about coaching from call centers benchmarks, best practices, and leading coaching publications we can establish the requirements for an effective coaching relationship. Research Problem: How to improve the coaching by supervisors to get results that improve performance, morale, and overall job satisfaction? Guiding questions:

How is coaching defined and distinguish from monitoring, mentoring, managing? What are the types of coaching and the forms of delivery used by call center management? What are the requisite coaching skill set?

How to establish the coaching relationship and become an effective coach?

Method of Inquiry: Workout Event with Appreciative Inquiry
Option A: Conduct interviews with three clusters of supervisors: * Novices (less than a year)
* Medium...
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