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Theory and Principles of Coaching

Individual Written Report

Chua Hong Kai Andrew

In this report, my chosen athlete will be Mr Ang Koon Hwa who specializes in the sport Dragon Boat. It will be a face to face interview with him in regards to his sport and the assessment on his coach. From this interview and project, the aim is to get a better idea of the type of coaching style and philosophy the coach adopts.

Athlete’s profile
Name:| Ang koon Hwa|
Majoring Sport :| Dragonboat |
Level of Participation:| School Level, Nanyang Polytechnic | Age:| 22|
Gender:| Male|

Athlete’s Background
Kun Hwa is a full time second year polytechnic student currently majoring in Engineering of Nanyang Polytechnic. He holds the vice-captain position in his school’s dragon boat team. One of the sport achievements he had is the 2012 SAVA Race Singapore where he and his team emerged 3rd position in the open category. Kun Hwa trains 4 times per week. His trainings include land activities such as lifting weights and water training such as rowing. Dragon boat is his first sport that he took up till now and he was not active in other sports back then when he was younger. His role as a vice captain not only cover himself as an athlete but also a leader in the team. Being the fact that he is the vice captain, his roles include coordinating administration matters of team members when preparing for competitions. Furthermore, he is responsible of monitoring the team morale.

Athlete’s coach profile
Name: | Hak Loon|
Gender:| Male|
Age: | 43|
Years of coaching| 8|

Athlete’s coach background
Hak Loon is currently the head coach of the team where he takes both guys and ladies team. In addition, he was also the former coach of Temasek Polytechnic’s dragon boat team as well. During his younger days, he was also an athlete of the sport dragon boat. He represented his former institute in ITE and was also a national athlete competing at national level. Hak loon completed Institute Technical Education (ITE) as his highest education qualification. He is also a NCAP certified coach under the NSA of the Singapore dragon boat association.

Hak loon is currently taking on Damai Secondary School and Nanyang Polytechnic. On top of that, he was also the head coach for Temasek Polytechnic 2 years ago. Till date, he achieved several achievements with his team. Below are the achievements; 2010- Temasek Polytechnic. Singapore River Regatta Race (3rd placing men’s tertiary Category) 2012- Nanyang Polytechnic. Singapore Dragon Boat Festival (1st placing Women’s tertiary category) 2012- Nanyang Polytechnic. Singapore Dragon Boat Festival (3rd placing Women’s open category) 2012- Nanyang Polytechnic. MR500 (2nd placing Women’s tertiary category) 2012- Nanyang Polytechic. Singapore River Regatta Race (3rd placing Mix-Ed category)

(Roles and Responsibility)
It is definitely not easy coaching two schools at a time as mentioned by Coach Hak Loon. Some expectations that he view it as of importance are punctuality, athlete-to-coach respect and attendance.

Some of his roles and responsibility include;
1) Coaching of athletes in terms of land training (Weights) and water training (rowing)

2) Explain to athletes expectations such as punctuality, attendance, performance and attitude.

3) Setting a good example as a coach himself. Some factors include personal conduct, dress and good manners.

4) Constant interaction with athletes such that he will join in the warm up run with the team at times.

5) Provide athletes with different training programs. Examples are long distance rowing, sprints and circuits.

6) Ensure that the athletes do not neglect their studies as well. He expects his athletes to update their end of Semester results. He believes that an athlete should not only excel in their sport but...
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