Coaching for Performance Improvement

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Coaching for Performance Improvement

Coaching is a one on one learning intervention between the employee and immediate supervisor. Coaching is geared to developing effective, authentic professional coaches. It challenges individuals to move beyond technique and embody the attitudes and skills essential to empowering coaching. Coaching requires good communication and listening skills so that coach is aware of what is going and get necessary information. Coaching aims at guidelines for Handling a meeting with a Poor Performer, The Supervisor to coach the employee on how to become more proficient and aims at improving the Performance by providing a forum for communication and feedback. Types of Coaching

Concurrent Coaching :-
Concurrent Coaching helps the subordinate in taking firm and concrete decision with the help of immediate supervisor for solving the problem instantly. This problem is faced by employees day to day and it can be solved as when the occasion arises. Development Coaching :-

Development Coaching is here to help you become a better leader. Actually, to support you in becoming the best leader you can be. a.) Become more your own terms, determined by your situation. b.) Thinks new idea, Innovations, experiment, setting higher target in other words taking good amount of risk achieve the target soon. c.) Start experimenting with your own leadership practice. d.) Performance Improvement Coaching

Performance Improvement Coaching helps to create good atmosphere in the organization, The Supervisor and the Employee work as Team, they help each other to sort out the things quickly. The Problems areas are identified mutually. If the Performance Improvement fail then the case may be referred to HR department for termination of Service in accordance with norms.

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Characteristic of coaching
A good coach is often hard to find and it's rare that you will find someone that has all of these...
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