Coaching at Nandos

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Coaching at Nandos

Author: Melanie Salle - 2010

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Executive summary This report aimed to examine how the chain of restaurants ‘Nandos’ successfully implemented coaching in its organisation. Indeed, it appeared that the method Nandos used to implement coaching in its business was quite similar to what the literature suggested. The company succeeded to follow the steps that allow coaching to be efficient in a company: to identify the problems the business had, to understand the importance of coaching in order to raise these problems and to adapt the training according to the environment and the needs of the organisation. However, Nandos still has to implement some measures to make the coaching go as far as possible in its business: do not rely only on the GROW model as a theoretical model and implement a more rigorous method to measure the training effectiveness. 1. Introduction According to Linda Edwards (2003), coaching is “the latest buzzword in the world of personal growth and development”. Coaching designates: “a conversation, a dialogue whereby a coach and a coachee interact in a dynamic exchange to achieve goals, enhance performance and move the coachee forward to greater success.” (Zeus and Skiffington, 2001) Nandos won the award for management coaching in 2005. Nandos is a chain of restaurants specialised in dishes based on Portuguese peri-peri chicken (national training awards, 2005). The company was founded in South Africa in 1987 and arrived in the UK in 1992. In 2001 there were 40 restaurants in UK, mainly around London. In 2005, thanks to its expansion based on a coaching programme for managers, there were 122 restaurants in all UK and the company employed 2,725 people. In 2004, Nandos had a turnover of £53 million in the UK. Coaching is one of the long term delivery methods of training which represents an interesting area since the coaching skills are becoming more essential in business (Edwards, 2003). This report aims to describe how Nandos successfully implemented coaching in its organisation. 1.2. Literature review

Training can be defined as: “an intervention by the organisation indented to advance business objectives”. (Harrison.R, 2005, p.87) Actually the learning and training at work is a vast area that changes quickly. Training is a method used to facilitate learning and increase job performance. It can change skills, knowledge and attitude. (Porter,C et al 2008, p.280) Training focuses upon implementation, Improvement and innovation. Christine Porter et al (2008) describe the ‘systematic training’ as the best way to initiate training and learning in organisations. This approach consists of: - Examine: To identify the training needs at different levels (organisational, team and individual) - Plan: To plan and design the training in order to meet these needs. - Do: To implement this plan effectively. - Review: To evaluate the results of training. Coaching can take different forms: performance coaching, life coaching, business coaching (Harrison.R,, 2005, p.111) It is goal focused and aims to help people gaining self-awareness in order to make them act and move forward. Rosemary Harrison (2005) explains that ‘the goal setting process has two components: skill development and psychological development” (p.111) Coaching is concerned with the development of specific skills and performance, it “involves feedback on


performance and questioning in order to check that learning is taking place” (Porter.C et al, 2008, p.352) As coaching psychology is quite a new field of study, most organisations use coaching practises without operating a model (Passmore, 2005). But often, several...
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