Coaching and Mentoring

Topics: Customer service, Linear regression, Regression analysis Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: May 15, 2013
International Journal of Business and Social Science

Vol. 2 No. 17

Customer Service Effects on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: A Field Research in Shopping Centers in Izmir City - Turkey Dr. Emel Kursunluoglu Yasar University, Foreign Trade and Marketing Department Selçuk Yaşar Kampüsü Üniversite Cad. Ağaçlı Yol No: 35- 37 Bornova-Izmir/Turkey E-mail:, Phone: +90 232 411 53 28 Abstract The purpose of this study is to analyze the customer service effects on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The field study is applied by using survey method on a face-to-face and electronic mail basis as interview methods including four hundred shopping mall customers who live in Izmir city, Turkey. The research model is formed for measuring customer service effects on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The research model is tested by three hypotheses via regression analyses. According to the research results, customer services which comprise 8 factors can explain 13.9 % of variance in customer satisfaction, 12.5 % of variance in customer loyalty and also customer satisfaction can explain 43.2 % of variance in customer loyalty. As a result, customer services can explain both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and it must be improved by retailers.

Keywords: Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Shopping Centers, Retailing. 1. INTRODUCTION

Retailers are units that communicate with customers as the last chain of distribution channel. Establishing good relationships with customer, satisfiying customers and gaining loyal customers are too important in retailing. In the competition condition today, creating customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in retailing provides sustainable competitive advantage and differentiation from rivals for retailers. There are many factors that create customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Customer service is one of the factors...
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