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Assignment one


Analysis of sports performance is of great importance to a higher performance sports coach. “Coaching is about enhancing an athlete(s) performance a principal means by which this achieved is through feedback however research as proven that human observation and memory are not reliable enough to provide the detailed information necessary to secure behavioural changes” (Franks and Miller 1986) P101.

According to world renowned rugby union coach Graham Henry “A successful coach is one who prepares his team to deal with all eventualities, are fully briefed on the game and understand their requirements. A coach’s job is to familiarise them with their particular strengths and weaknesses” (Henry 1999).

When a coach analyses performance using these methods feedback is usually presented by qualitative Analysis, this referring to something that as been a success or failure, or something that is good or bad. “This information is usually not as accurate as a quantitative type analysis” (Hodges & Franks 2008). A quantitative type analysis uses up to date data analysis, for example specific chart recordings of performance activity that can be more beneficial in highlighting ‘Key Performance Indicators’ to aid the coach in their analysis of performance activity.

Performance analysis also includes the analysis of notion this type of analysis concentrates on “gross movement and movement patterns in games or teams” (Hughes Barlett 2008). It concentrates on the finer more specific biomechanical analysis detailed area of individuals sporting techniques and movement.

“Notational analysis systems have existed in many forms throughout history, for example, hieroglyphic notion of troop movements, medieval notion of music and twentieth century shorthand recording” (Hughes 2008) p103. There are a wide variety of sports analysis tools and procedures used throughout the sporting world to aid the coach and athlete in their development, and to aid future progression, the following report will look in depth at sports analysis and methods used.

1. Report on Sports Performance Testing

1. “Notational Analysis was devised and introduced in an attempt to quantify information concerning performance in team games”. (Mcmorris & Tudor 2006) p131. “In essence the coaching process is to instigate positive changes in sports performance” (Hughes 2008) p102. Performance testing specialises in the scientific assessments of athlete’s physical strengths and weaknesses. The modern day high performance coach often uses what is classed as the most accurate way to obtain analysis data with the use of scientific equipment. It is of the upmost importance that the analysis provided for the coach and athlete(s) contains information that is not only accurate but also precise. “Data on coaching practice and contextual resources and features are compered to the model with the intention of understanding successes and failure” (Lyle 2002).

1.1.1 In most areas of sports analysis performance is often supported by a series if qualitative assessments conducted by the coach. “Coaching and teaching skills depends heavily on analysis in order to effect an improvement in athletic performance. “Analysing an athlete’s performance is integral part of a coaching session. You may, for example, analysis technique, commitment and teamwork or the performer ability to handle pressure, retain concentration or cope with mistakes. The process involves observing the effectiveness of each performance. Through analysis, you are helping performers learn and improve” (Crisfield 1998).

1.1.2. “Coaching and teaching skills depends heavily on analysis in order to effect an improvement in athletic performance. The main methods used in objectifying the process are through the use of notational analysis” (Franks 2004). An example of a coach conducting these performance assessments would be “An invasion type game like...
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