Coaching 531 Edl

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Skill Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: July 27, 2012
In this week I learned new knowledge about habits of mind, cognitive coaching, and characteristic of good coach and mentor. First I will focus on the main point of what I learned. Listening and its role in the success of understanding and dialogue, When we talk we would love others to listen to us. Perhaps this general nature in all of us. Hearing make you trust, respect and feel of your importance. The social psychologists have shown that listening well to others is not necessarily to end the full impact on them, but it increases the bonds of love, spiritual closeness, and emotional bond between people. This is the most striking features of the good coach and powerful influence in the communities is to listen and listen to what other people say. I think talking too much is not evidence of the strength of character or the power of influence. Perhaps even - or in most cases talking too much result to bad consequences from the results. Cognitive coaching

Cognitive coaching plays one of great importance roles in developing characters. The technological and scientific development is so rapid that we constantly need to learn new skills. The clearer example is the computer and the rapid developments for this reason we need to learn new skills in this area probably every week. Technological development forces us to use sophisticated equipment and thus we need to know them. Mentoring and coaching stand on many reasons we need to analyze them. I think one of the most important reasons to strengthen weak points in employees, students, and mentee, also discover less of their competence for the performance. The origin of these weaknesses may be a poor education or the difference between education and the demands of work or change career path. Many of us when he starts his career discovers that he was not aware of reports of a personal work, organization meetings, labor laws, and methods of analysis problems. Therefore, there are a lot of weaknesses that we need to...
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