Coach Carter

Topics: Education, Teacher, Narrative Pages: 3 (402 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Department of education
Salvador Fuentes Valentín High School

‘’Coach Carter’’

Yelaine López Blas
Mrs: G. Mendez
English 11

Part 1. Answer the following question. Write complete sentences.

1. Where does most of the story take place?
In the streets and in the field school.

2. Who was the hardest student to deal with? Why?
Timo Cruz because it was lack of discipline, wanted to do things his way and had no respect for anyone.

3. What kind of social problems does the movie shows?
Racism, drug addiction and lack of education.

4. Mr. Carter was trying to teach the boys good values.
Respect, discipline, responsibility and commitment.

5. What does Coach Carter meant when he said to Cruz:- What is your deepest fear? Feeling out of the group and alone.

Part 2. Characters (Find a picture of each character and describe them) A. Mr. Carter: Loyal, educated, principled, and above all dedicated to his work to bring the players to another level and so they could be men as well in their future.

B. Worm: Selfish and cheerful.

C. Junior Battle: Shy and good player.

D. Mr: Cruz: Undisciplined and arrogant.

Part 3. Draw your favorite part or scene of the movie. In your own words explain why did you like that part or scene?

When players passed with good grades. I liked it because it teaches us to fight and strive for what we want and the importance of a balance between studies and sports, also taught me that someone who makes discipline.

Part 4.Compare the story you read in school ‘’The Game’’ with the movie ‘’Coach Carter’’. Write at last least three differences of each group, and three similarities.

* The game is just basketball.
* The game was disciplined team.
* The game is first-person narrative.

* The teams in both stories had to practice hard.
* Both achieved their goal of winning.
* The coaches believed in discipline and...
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