Coach Carter

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  • Published : April 10, 2009
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Brittany marsh
April 16, 2008

Coach Carter
I felt that this movie had a true meaning. It’s a true story about a well educated man named Ken Carter. He’s an advocate for Richmond’s youth and participates in his community. He came to Richmond High School to help not just with the team but to talk to the team about working together. To give them advice on being better students, with that he helped them to be very successful in life. He gave the guys strKen Carter fought with getting the parents to understand what he was trying to do for the young men. As the new basketball coach coming to Richmond High School was not a wrong decision, but a difficult position as a coach. Growing up in the world you learn many things about people. You have to learn from decision makings. In this movie you will see a well educated man who struggles in the beginning to help some basketball players make the right choices in life. The young men were scared in was facing problems at school and outside of school. What Coach Carter was trying to do at Richmond High was make a difference. Meeting with the basketball players for the first time was a wake up call. The young men not knowing what kind of guy Ken carter. He came in told the young men about himself. Told them how to become good at what they do. Making the team strive for what they really wanted was a hard task in the beginning. He also fought to help the student make good grades in order to play basketball. Participating in extra curriculum activities requires you to pass all classes. Since some of the players failed to meet the requirements. He made the whole team suffer by locking the gyms. So to maintain a good GPA he made the basketball team sign a contract. In this contract the team had to dress with a tie on game days, sit in the front row of the class, and maintain a 2.3GPA. The second was forfeiting the games until he saw progress. This had lead to a big conflict in the school. He was the...
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