Coach Branding Strategies

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Coach is a large company that has created a strong product identity in the market. They are known for gorgeous soft leather handbags. Coach has used a family brand strategy as they have now branched out to selling coats, shoes, gloves, briefcases, watches and even jewelry. They have also used a national or manufacture branding strategy as they do not carry any other private labels or generic products in Coach Stores. Any women can see a leather, or not leather purse with large “C”’s and know beyond a reasonable doubt it is a Coach bag. Coach has also used its longevity in the leather works market and reputation of having quality bags to a few other markets with the jewelry, coats, shoes, and watches. Customer mind sets have helped them because loyal customers have come to know that Coach not only backs up their products but that they are made very well. Customers are accustom to the buttery leather, long lasting leather, and even smooth zippers. Everything about a Coach bag says class and sophistication. Because of this the product market outcome allows Coach to charge a higher price than some of its competitors such as a Dooney and Bourke bag also made well and of nice leather. I would say the product definitely has a self concept attachment. Any woman, or man for that fact, feels a class higher when they are carrying a Coach Bag or wallet. There is a nostalgic attachment in the sense that Coach has been around for many years and sophisticated women have longed for and cherished any Coach bag they have gotten for years. Can’t you just see women of the 50’s in their calf length black dresses carrying a Coach Leather handbag with black gloves on their hands…..I can. Finally I see an interdependent attachment as not only you pocketbook is now Coach, but your watch, shoes and even a coat. Coach is now definitely in your daily routine. Yes, Coach is a large company that has created a strong product identity in the marke.
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