Coach Boone

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Sign language, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Coach Boone Speech
The movie “Remember the Titans” is set in the early 1970’s in Virginia at a time when racism was most prevalent. The students are sent to the same high school mandated by federal law to integrate. Coach Boone, an African American coach, is hired to coach the football team over a successful white coach. Tensions grew high between the different races and the players did not respect each other. Coach Boone wakes up the players early and takes them on a jog through the woods to where the Battle of Gettysburg was fought and delivers an impactful speech to his football team. The speech was aimed to motivate the players to come together and respect one another. Coach Boone uses many different speech concepts that motivate his team to come together.

Coach Boone makes many powerful verbal gestures to motivate his football team. He says, “ If we don’t come together… we, too, will be destroyed”. Coach Boone uses concrete details and strong imagery to get a picture into the players mind. Coach Boone is trying to show them that Americans lost their lives fighting for their rights and if they don’t come together they will be destroyed just like those men. He also points out that, “ This green field right ere was painted red. Bubbling with blood of young boys. Smoke and hot lead pouring right through”. Here the coach uses more concrete details and try to appeal to the emotions of the players. The audience was able to relate to the tension on their team and realize that he is speaking the truth.

Coach Boone also uses nonverbal cues throughout his speech which also help understand what he is getting across to the team. He makes a nonverbal gesture when he puts his hands on his hips during the beginning of the speech. By using this gesture, he shows his team that he is disappointed but at the same time he is sad that racism still exists. Another form of nonverbal communication is the tone of voice he uses throughout the speech. While delivering...
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