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By | March 2011
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Course: 519

Professor M.A. Baqui Khalily
Dept. of Finance
University of Dhaka

Alauddin Sumon
MBA 11th Batch
ID: 162
Dept. of Finance
University of Dhaka.

Date of Submission
28 March 2011

The specific form of enterprise called Co-operative, relying on the specified principles, has proven successful both in developed & developing countries. For socio-economic co-operative bank reduces banking exclusion & foster the economic ability of millions of people by playing an influential role on the economic growth in the country & increase the efficiency of International financial system. Co-operative banks differ from stockholders banks by their organization, their goals, their values & their governance. In most countries, they are supervised & controlled by banking authorities & have to respect prudential banking regulation, which put them at a level playing field with stockholders bank. In Bangladesh, Co-operative organizations are supervised by the Govt office for Co-operative.

Around 1900, Raifijon, a German social worker carried out a successful experiment on co-operative over comparatively low-level farmers group. Based on this experiment, an officer of British Government Mr. Nicolson prepared a report, and following this report the co-operative movement started in 1904 in Indo-Pak subcontinent. 1947-1971:

In 1947, during the separation of India & Pakistan, the co-operative movement remained under the patronization of the Government. In 1948, Government established the Apex Bank for co-operative which is known as Bangladesh Samabaya Bank. Credit program was operated through this Central Co-operative Bank by the involvement of Union Multipurpose Bank. The prime source of this lending was from the commercial financing of the Central Bank of Bangladesh.  During 1957-58, this activities were widely spread out all over...

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